Tradeline Companies

The 3 Best Tradeline Companies

We conducted research. Search and compare the top tradeline companies with ease. From affordable fees to proven outcomes, tradelines for sale, and everything else, we make it simple for you to choose the ideal tradeline to purchase.

Does poor credit prevent you from obtaining the loan you desire?

Perhaps an employer turned you down for a job due to your poor credit score, or you did not receive the interest rate you expected on a loan. Utilize a tradeline company if you’ve done everything and can’t improve your score.

Tradeline Companies
The 3 Best Tradeline Companies 3

Learn more about the finest tradeline companies, how they operate, and if this financial move is suited for you by reading on.

What does Tradeline mean?

You probably already have tradelines and accounts that report to your credit report. A tradeline is each account, such as your mortgage or auto loan. Each new account you start is recorded as a “tradeline” on your credit report.

The credit bureaus report all information on your tradelines and accounts. For instance, you have a two-year-old credit card account. You pay the monthly fee on time and in full each and every month.

This is an example of a “good tradeline” that will assist you in establishing a high credit score. Moreover, a tradeline is often a fast approach to increasing your credit score.

Suppose John has maintained the same credit card for two years. John fails to make his payments on schedule, leaving a substantial amount.

80 percent of his credit limit is also outstanding. These are both negative credit behaviors that will have a negative impact on John’s credit score.

What is a Tradeline company?

On occasion, you cannot work quickly enough to improve your credit score. Bringing past-due payments current and paying down the sum requires significant effort and time.

In addition, it takes time for the credit bureaus to rebuild your score. What if you need something to occur immediately?

A tradeline can be purchased from a tradeline company. In essence, it is possible to purchase access to someone else’s credit. With a tradeline, you “purchase” access to another person’s credit.

Tradeline companies sell the authorization to use another person’s account. Even while you could do this for free with a family member or close friend, this is not always possible, which is why there are tradeline companies.

While you may not have the same charging privileges that you would if you become an authorized user for a friend or family member, you do receive the benefit of excellent credit, which will presumably increase your credit score. Remember that there is never a guarantee of success.

Best Tradeline Companies: At a Glance

  • Tradeline Supply – Best Tradeline Company Overall
  • BoostCredit101
  • CreditPro
Three Leading Tradeline Companies

Choosing the finest tradeline company is difficult, especially given the prevalence of fraud in the credit sector.

To assist you, we have produced a list of the top three tradeline companies. Customers like these three companies because of their customer service, reputation, and outcomes.

Tradeline Supply

Tradeline Supply Company was one of the first companies to offer a fully online tradeline buying service. This is done to keep prices low, as buying tradelines is expensive.

Tradeline Supply focuses on empowering consumers with correct financial education to help them develop better financial habits while temporarily boosting their credit score through the purchase of tradelines.

Tradeline Supply is ranked first because they are inexpensive, trustworthy, and subject matter specialists.


  • Some of the most affordable pricing in the tradeline business
  • Offers’ deals’ such as buying two tradelines and receiving 10% off the second;
  • Provides extensive information on the available tradelines, including pricing
  • Your tenure on the account spans two reporting periods
  • Tradeline Supply assures that at least two of the three credit bureaus will get a report.


  • Tradeline Supply makes no assurances about the impact of the acquired tradeline on your credit score (it may even go down)
  • You must purchase the tradeline by the specified “purchase by” date; otherwise, Tradeline Supply will not guarantee that it will post during the subsequent credit reporting cycle.

It is time to renew your credit score. Boost your credit score immediately with Tradeline Supply, the company leader in buying and selling tradelines.


BoostCredit101 ensures that your tradeline will be posted within 60 days of purchase. However, they claim it takes an average of two weeks.

If the tradeline does not report to two credit bureaus, BoostCredit101 promises a complete refund or replacement.


  • Provides complete visibility, enabling you to filter tradelines by price, lender, limit, age, and statement date
  • Guarantees that the tradeline will be reported to two of the three credit bureaus
  • Employs encrypted servers to protect your data and deletes all client information after 90 days
  • Thoroughly validates all parties, purchasers, and vendors to eliminate the possibility of fraud
  • Offers extensive information on their blog and over the phone with a financial expert


  • The Better Business Bureau has not granted BoostCredit accreditation.
  • To purchase a tradeline, you must speak with a consultant instead of completing the complete transaction online.


CreditPro has substantial experience compared to other tradeline companies today, having been in operation since 2007. As a wholesaler selling to advisers, they claim to offer the lowest costs in the market, saving customers between 40 and 60 percent on acquired tradelines.


  • Tradelines are posted within five to seven days of the date of purchase.
  • Provides tradelines with utilization rates of 15% or less
  • You remain on the tradeline for sixty to ninety days
  • Offers more than 2,000 cards of varied ages (some are up to 30 years old)


  • Receives a grade of C+ from the Better Business Bureau
  • Their website lacks transparency since you cannot view the available wholesale tradelines.

Is it Legal to Utilize a Tradeline to Improve Credit Score?

Using a tradeline company to improve your credit score is lawful, but there is a catch. It is not prohibited by law, although lenders may frown upon it. They are more intelligent than you believe.

Most lenders can distinguish between a legitimate (you are an authorized user for a friend or family member) and a purchased tradeline.

If they learn you bought it, they may refuse to lend you money, although the likelihood of this happening is low. Nevertheless, there is still something to ponder.

In addition, Fair Isaac Corporation brought this matter to the attention of Congress in 2008, and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) indicated that while it is not unlawful, reporting agencies may frown upon it. It is totally up to you to decide whether to purchase a tradeline. Just make sure you are aware of the associated hazards.

How to Purchase a Tradeline from the Leading Tradeline Companies

Buying a tradeline is not as daunting as it may appear. The most challenging aspect of your work is locating the optimal tradeline.

Do you prefer one high-quality (expensive) tradeline or several lower-quality (cheaper) tradelines?

Once you have chosen, proceed as follows:

  • Add the tradeline(s) to the shopping basket (if buying online).
  • Read the agreement thoroughly. This is comparable to a lease. Know what you’re agreeing to, and ask questions if something is unclear.
  • Make your payment. Most companies accept online payments. If not, you will make a credit card payment over the phone.
  • Provide the required documentation. Prior to submitting the information to the credit bureaus, the tradeline company must authenticate your identification. They may want a copy of your driver’s license or Social Security card. Most companies provide online uploading alternatives.
  • Conduct a credit report review. Instead of relying on the tradeline company for changes, check your credit report yourself. Depending on the company you pick, it may take 30 days or longer, but you should always verify that the tradeline is reporting.

What Characteristics Make A Good Tradeline Company?

As with any financial product, users must be vigilant with tradeline frauds. Here are some qualities shared by the most successful tradeline companies.

1. Business Reputation

First and foremost, you should purchase a tradeline from a company with industry expertise. Ensure the tradeline company has been in operation for several years by performing your due research.

If you can, request statistics from the tradeline company. Statistics to request and examine (if possible):

  • Duration of service
  • Efficacy rate
  • Increase in Average Credit Score
  • How Regularly They Report
  • Location of the Head Office
  • Quantity of Employees

Exist any Credit Consultation Services?

Before you purchase a tradeline, you should investigate the aforementioned metrics.

Fortunately, respectable tradeline companies will disclose this information for public scrutiny on their website. Find this information by performing a little digging.

2. Affordable

Let me clarify. Affordable does not equal inexpensive. Only invest in a reliable tradeline. Buying an inexpensive tradeline is not worth the risk.

You desire an established tradeline with lengthy account history. This is what will lead to an improvement in your credit score.

Ensure you purchase a tradeline that corresponds with your financial objectives and won’t bankrupt you. Examine your monthly budget to see if you can afford to purchase a ‘quality’ tradeline.

3. Transparent & Honest

The greatest tradeline companies will be truthful and open about their business practices. They will be transparent about their rates, typically displaying them on their website for the general public’s perusal.

In addition, they will share information on past client experiences. They will emphasize their strengths while exposing their faults. They are aware that buying a tradeline is not an “instant remedy” for everyone.

4. Supportive Personnel

Reputable tradeline companies will employ helpful personnel. They will take the time to understand your needs and assist you in locating a tradeline that corresponds with your financial objectives.

Tradeline companies acknowledge that this is a significant choice. They will do all possible to alleviate the tension.

Additionally, ensure that the tradeline company has specialized customer service agents. This is essential in the event that you encounter account issues or administrative problems.

5. Postal Address

The simplest method to distinguish between a legitimate tradeline company and a fraud is whether or not they provide a physical postal address.

The greatest tradeline companies will include their postal address, phone number, and business hours, among other details.

As a customer, you should only purchase excellent tradelines, often known as “seasoned tradelines.” These are established tradelines with a history of prompt payments and are in good standing.

Established tradelines will cost you a bit more, but it is this quality that makes buying a tradeline worthwhile.

How long are tradelines reported on a credit report?

Tradelines that are acquired are transitory. The majority of companies report them for one to two cycles on your credit report. Your contract will outline the specifics.

Buying a tradeline is a temporary solution. Even if the account remains on your credit report for longer than one to two billing cycles, it will no longer report as active. It completes its function in one or two cycles and then stops.

Before applying for a mortgage, loan, or credit card and seeking a rapid credit score raise, tradelines are great. In reality, the majority of consumers do so.

What is the cost of Tradelines?

The cost of tradelines is highly variable. You may purchase one for several hundred or many thousand dollars.

Noting that older tradelines are more costly than newer ones is essential. Why? The account’s age indicates that it is deemed “secure” and “established.”

Consider what you want from your tradeline. Do you want:

  • A generous credit limit?
  • Low account balance?
  • Long tradition?
  • Low utilization rate?

If you want everything, you will have to pay thousands of dollars. If you only desire one or two of the features, you will pay less; however, you will receive what you pay for.

In our opinion, it is preferable to acquire an established tradeline with a longer history. This will ultimately reduce your risk. Remember that a quality tradeline is far more favorable than a $100 tradeline.

Five Advantages of Utilizing a Tradeline:

#1. Less work for you to do

Yes, there is a payment, but you receive the “excellent tradeline” without the labor.

Without it, you would have to constantly check your credit, rectify problems, reduce your amounts, bring your payments current, and then see how your credit score responds.

A tradeline removes the element of chance; you receive the “good tradeline,” and, ideally, your credit score rises.

#2. Get Better Loan Terms

The greater your credit score, the more advantageous the terms offered by lenders. This might result in a cheaper interest rate, a better loan type (fixed rate as opposed to ARM or balloon), or fewer closing fees.

When applying for a loan, you have few alternatives if you have poor credit. However, if you have high credit, you have more alternatives, giving you a greater chance of receiving the loan you desire as opposed to ‘the only one available.

Bottom Line: Top 3 Tradeline Companies

If you need a short boost to your credit score, buying a tradeline may help, but you shouldn’t rely on it. See how your credit score responds after you’ve exhausted all other possibilities.

There is no assurance that any attempt will increase your credit score – it’s a matter of trial and error – but buying a tradeline may be the temporary boost you need to raise your credit score.

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