Lexington Law Firm Review

Lexington Law Firm Review

If you have a low credit score and want to determine whether Lexington Law can assist you, let’s get started.

Lexington Law Firm Review
Lexington Law Firm Review 3

Who constitutes Lexington Law Firm?

Lexington Law Firm is among the top credit repair organizations.

They are a team of experienced attorneys and paralegals based in Utah that have been in business since 1991 and began offering credit repair services online in 2004. They’ve established their own systems to assist minimize expenses, making attorney-backed credit repair accessible to everybody.

In their nearly three decades in operation, they have assisted thousands of consumers and deleted millions of false-negative entries from credit reports.

Lexington Law Firm will contest suspicious bad things on your credit report and credit history for a monthly fee. It might have a favorable effect on your credit if it is eliminated.

Lexington Law Firm is legitimate. It takes time and patience for a credit repair company to work and educate you in order to enhance your credit score.

Does the Lexington Law Firm Actually Operate?

Yes, Lexington Law Firm assists you in improving your credit score by removing false negative information from your credit reports. Lexington Law Firm is a law firm and credit repair organization that assists individuals in disputing negative entries on their credit reports in a report to improve their credit status.

Lexington Law Firm, like all credit repair firms, doesn’t do anything to repair your credit that you can’t do yourself. However, it is a respected company that may make credit repair easier and less irritating if you have a busy schedule or simply don’t want to do the process on your own.

How to become a member of Lexington Law Firm?

Signing up with Lexington Law Firm is simple; simply visit their website and register for a free online credit report consultation.

After signing online, a Lexington Law Firm team member will contact you within forty-eight hours to start the credit repair process.

Functioning of Lexington Law Firm

As soon as you join up with Lexington Law Firm, they begin resolving your specific credit difficulties by getting your credit reports from each of the three bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Examining Your Credit Files

As part of their credit repair procedure, they review your credit reports with you and investigate any material that might damage your credit score. The Fair Credit Reporting Act mandates that credit bureaus only record authentic, verifiable, and accurate data. If the negative elements in your report do not match these requirements, they must be eliminated.

Sending Dispute Letters

Next, their team begins sending dispute letters to the targeted creditors or bureaus in order to confirm the accuracy of the reported late payments and charge-offs. Who receives these letters depends on the sort of fault discovered.

For instance, if a negative item looks to belong to someone other than you, they would likely send the initial dispute letter to the credit bureau.

After disputing all issues that they legally may, they await replies.

This procedure is repeated until the issue is fixed to the greatest extent feasible. If not, they will continue sending cease-and-desist letters on your behalf according to the appropriate service levels.

Extra Services

You will also receive credit counseling and credit report monitoring during the procedure. You will have access to an online portal that provides you with access to current credit report monitoring as well as educational information and tools to begin working on your credit score. For any queries or problems, you may contact their team by chat, email, or telephone.

And if you sign up for either of the top-tier services, Concord Premier or Premier Plus, you will obtain extra features, such as online access to your credit reports. And you will not be charged for the additional credit reports they retrieve each month.

Lexington Law Firm’s Objectives

Lexington Law Firm offers three tiers of credit repair service for a monthly cost to accommodate the needs of every consumer. Before signing up, you are provided free consultation on your credit report with a member of their team.

This consultation assists you in deciding whether to enroll and which plan is ideal for you:

Standard Concord: $89.95 per month

Lexington Law’s most fundamental service is communicating with creditors and credit bureaus on your behalf (they call these Bureau Challenges). If you only need assistance contesting a few wrong items on your report, it may be a good fit.

Concord Premier: $109.95/mo.

Lexington Law will engage with your creditors and credit bureaus as part of their Concord Premier service. In addition, you will receive credit monitoring to notify you of any changes to your credit history, as well as a monthly credit score progress chart and InquiryAssist.

InquiryAssist is an add-on service meant to manage excessive inquiries and is geared toward individuals who want fairly aggressive credit repair.

Premier Plus: $129.95/mo.

The Premier Plus package is the premier package for those who require serious credit repair. It contains all of the credit repair services of the competition, plus monthly FICO® score data and a variety of identity theft and financial tools.

If you’ve been a victim of identity theft or fraud, it’s likely that you’ll want to acquire this package since it contains identity theft protection and identity theft insurance coverage for one million dollars.

The Costs of the Lexington law Firm

Here is a short summary of the three programs and rates offered by Lexington Law Firm:

  • Concord Normal: $89,85
  • Premier Concord: $109.95
  • Premier Plus: $129.95

Advantages and Cons of Lexington Law Firm

Multiple reasons lead us to recommend Lexington Law Firm for your credit repair needs:


  • Legal personnel. The distinguishing feature of Lexington Law Firm is their legal personnel, all of whom are attorneys, paralegals, or those trained by them. In other words, you may be certain that their efforts to repair your credit are lawful and conducted properly.
  • Competitive price. With Lexington Law Firm, you can acquire a basic credit repair package for $89.95 per month, which will work for nearly everyone, and even the enhanced programs are reasonably priced at $109.95 and $129.95 per month.
  • Outstanding credit counseling We enjoy that Lexington Law employs a totally individualized approach to credit repair; when you join up for their services, you have immediate access to an online portal that gives information and education about your credit position. Additionally, you may contact their team by chat, email, and telephone.
  • Extensive expertise. Lexington Law Firm has been in business since 1991, but they’ve only been giving credit repair services since 2004, so you can guarantee they’re experts in the field. They have helped over 520,000 individuals repair their credit and deleted millions of erroneous and dubious bad credit report items over this time period.
  • Positive interactions with customers. The success stories of Lexington Law Firm speak for itself, but what truly impresses us is how they address consumer concerns. Their Better Business Bureau (BBB) page does contain some customer complaints and unfavorable reviews, but they respond to each one individually and appear to have resolved each one to the consumers’ satisfaction.


As with any company, Lexington Law Firm has certain areas in which we believe they might improve, such as:

  • An average BBB rating. Unfortunately, Lexington Law Firm is not certified by the Better Business Bureau, and their grade of C is often not a good indicator. Nevertheless, we continue to support the company because they appear to address and fix all problems.
  • Complicated pricing levels As we said previously, Lexington Law offers three service tiers: Concord Standard, Concord Premier, and Premier Plus, priced at $89.95, $109.95, and $129.95, respectively. Although three levels may seem like a smart concept for a service, it might be difficult to determine which tier you require.
  • Additional fee for credit reports depends on service level. If you enroll in the Concord Standard plan, Lexington Law will charge you $14.99 for each credit report it must pull. You may get your yearly free credit report from TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax on your own to avoid this cost.

Alternatives to Lexington Law Firm

Check out our guide to the top credit repair firms if you’re interested in learning about more services that might assist you.

And here are some other reliable credit repair companies:

  • Credit St.
  • Blue Sky Credit
  • CreditRepair.com
  • Recognize People

Alternately, you can attempt to repair your credit on your own if only one or two bad items are hindering you. However, if you have many credit card accounts, personal loan accounts, and student loan accounts, we recommend seeking expert assistance.

How quickly can Lexington Law Firm repair your credit?

On average, it will take around six months for Lexington Law Firm to repair your credit.

Remember that every situation is unique and that many customer complaints stem from this misconception.

There are certain circumstances in which it might take up to a year to see significant improvement. However, the majority of individuals notice significant improvement within 90 days, and the majority see their greatest outcomes after six months. Utilize the credit instruction they supply on the web portal in order to get outcomes.

These cases often take longer to settle since they include severe fraud or identity theft and require many letters and assistance.

However, it is essential to understand that it may take time to achieve the results you desire, and there are no assurances that you will see any benefits at all. In certain cases, negative things that have been shown to be accurate may regretfully remain on a credit report.

Lexington Law Firm evaluation overview

Regardless of the severity of your credit damage, a credit repair agency can help you alter the trajectory of your financial destiny.

We highly recommend you give Lexington Law Firm a try since they are one of the best credit repair companies around.

While many other businesses offer comparable services, very few of them have a whole legal team advocating on your behalf.

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