Credit Saint Review

Credit Saint Review

Who is Saint Credit?

Credit Saint is one of the greatest firms for credit repair. They have been in business for nearly 15 years, is headquartered in New Jersey, and are constantly recognized at the top of the industry by sites such as Consumer Affairs.

A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation dates back to 2007, making Credit Saint one of the few credit repair firms with this distinction.

Credit Saint Review
Credit Saint Review 3

“What you don’t know CAN damage you” is a part of their objective to educate their consumers about credit. (With which we agree wholeheartedly, by the way)

If your credit score is in the dumps, you need to remove bad things from your credit report, or you need a complete credit restoration, it may make sense to use a credit repair company like Credit Saint.

Credit Saint Costs and Plan Alternatives

Credit Saint offers three distinct programs with varying levels of aggression in credit repair:

> Give Polish credit. $99 Initial Work Fee and $59.99/month

  • Credit Remodel. $99 Initial Work Fee and $79.99/month
  • Clean Slate. $195 Initial Work Fee & $99.99 Per Month

And here’s a closer look at what each package contains.

Polish Credit

  • Obstacles for the Three Credit Bureaus
  • Score Evaluation
  • Creditor Assistance
  • Score Keeper
  • Work-related to disputing five reporting errors per dispute cycle

Credit Polish is the most fundamental package and should be utilized for removing small errors from your credit report. This service does not cover their dispute avalanche procedure or escalated information requests, nor does it address repossessions, judgments, or bankruptcies.

Credit Remodel

  • Obstacles for the Three Credit Bureaus
  • Score Evaluation
  • Creditor Assistance
  • Score Keeper
  • Question Targeting
  • Experian Monitoring
  • Work connected with contesting ten items with erroneous reporting every dispute cycle.

The Credit Remodeling package is quite harsh and contains everything except the dispute avalanche procedure. This is most appropriate for someone who has to address items such as bankruptcies or repossessions.

Blank Page

  • Unrestricted Contests to the Three Credit Bureaus
  • Score Evaluation
  • Creditor Assistance
  • Score Keeper
  • Question Targeting
  • Experian Monitoring
  • Work involved with disputing an infinite number of inexactly reported items every dispute cycle.

The Clean slate package is the most aggressive and includes all of their services, including the most difficult credit issues. This package is ideal for those with significant credit issues.

Credit Saint offers a 90-day money-back assurance (refund policy)

Credit Saint provides a 90-day money-back guarantee if they are unable to erase certain unfavorable information from your credit report.

Here are their website’s terms and conditions: “If you sign up for any Credit Saint service and do not see any problematic things removed from your credit report within 90 days, you are eligible for a complete refund.”

This page contains the precise details of their money-back promise.

Credit Saint’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Consider the following factors while deciding whether Credit Saint is best for you:

Pros Cons

A+ BBB Rating. As one of the few service providers in this industry with such a high BBB rating, this company stands out as one of the most reliable. Expensive Setup Fees Their first service rates range from $99 to $195, which is among the costliest in the industry.

Explicit package pricing. Their price list is concise and simple to comprehend. Inaccessible in all states. If you reside in Georgia, Kansas, or South Carolina, Credit Saint cannot assist you with credit repair.

Customized Letters of Dispute They do not utilize generic letters to dispute your credit goods; instead, they construct personalized arguments in support of their assertions.

Money-Back Guarantee for 90 Days. It’s reassuring to know they stand by their service if they are unable to erase problematic information from your credit report.

Inexpensive Services. Compared to competitors like Lexington Law, their monthly charge is one of the lowest in the industry, and you do not pay for things you do not require.

What does Credit Saint do?

Because you have the legal right to verify the correctness of any information on your credit report, Credit Saint verifies this on your behalf.

Remember that, per the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), any inaccurate information in your credit report must be erased by the credit agency or the original creditor.

Credit Saint provides a straightforward and uncomplicated method for assisting individuals with credit repair. Let’s go through it fast.

#1. Personal consultancy

You will initially be allocated a personal advisory team of professionals who will handle your case, be accessible to answer questions, and assist you in understanding what is happening with your credit.

In the initial consultation, a member of your personal team will review your credit report and explain how they can assist with your specific circumstance. During this appointment, you will also receive individualized guidance on how to enhance and maintain your credit score.

Credit Saint then begins working on your credit report.

2. Refuting unfavorable items

They begin by contacting your creditors and credit bureaus to dispute any unfavorable or erroneous material that may be posted, and then they create dispute letters that are tailored to your individual case.

And depending on the package you purchased, they will either actively combat issues such as bankruptcies and repossessions or continue to argue late payments and charge-offs.

Credit Saint prepares one round of disputes every 45 days; following this cycle, they will extract your credit report, reevaluate it based on any positive credit modifications, and provide you with a status report.

You will always have access to your personal online account page, where you can track your progress.

And now for something to thrill you: Nearly 95% of Credit Saint’s clients report at least some improvement throughout the initial 45-day cycle.

How can Credit Saint assist in credit repair?

Remember that there are five major elements affecting your credit score:

As part of the credit repair process, Credit Saint disputes late payments and inconsistencies on your credit report in an effort to improve your credit score. They will evaluate your credit report as fully as possible, searching for errors and items that may be erased.

One in five Americans has at least one inaccuracy on their credit report, according to the FTC. That’s almost forty million credit reports!

And these inaccuracies can have a substantial influence on your credit score: assume, for instance, that someone takes out a loan and fails to repay it using your social security number. These sorts of mistakes are more prevalent than you may realize and can quickly ruin your score.

And not all credit report inaccuracies are the result of honest mistakes.

According to a recent report by Javelin, more than 16 million US customers were victims of identity theft in 2017, with crooks taking more than $16 billion in the same year!

Frequently, these criminals start credit accounts in their victims’ names; it’s not uncommon for a person to check their credit report and discover an activity they didn’t conduct and a worse credit score than expected.

In these circumstances, a credit repair agency such as Credit Saint can clean up this fraudulent conduct on your behalf.

These instances may necessitate the most aggressive package, allowing the company to continue to combat these difficulties on your behalf.

Credit Saint also provides guidance on how to improve the other elements that impact your credit score.

For instance, if they observe that you have a high credit usage rate, they may suggest that you acquire a new line of credit and pay down what you already have. Or they may suggest diversifying your loan kinds.

If you just have credit cards, you should get a loan for anything else, such as a car or personal loan.

Reduce interest rate

There are a variety of ways in which a poor credit score might damage you.

If you have a poor credit score, you may already be aware that obtaining a loan is more difficult. In fact, being denied a loan is frequently the moment when individuals decide they need a credit repair agency.

However, even if you are able to acquire a loan with a poor credit score, the interest rates may be exorbitant.

For instance, with a credit score of 550, you may anticipate an interest rate of 17.186 percent on a 60-month auto loan. However, if your credit score is more than 720, your rate would be around 4.55 percent, saving you hundreds of dollars over the life of a loan!

Better job opportunities

These days, it is highly typical for potential employers to request a credit check as part of their background checks; they want to ensure they are employing dependable and responsible staff.

As we all know, everyone falls on hard times occasionally, and having negative credit does not indicate that you are a nasty person.

However, a person who has never met you has nothing to go on but the statistics and information they can access; hence, a poor credit score might cause you to miss out on some fantastic career possibilities.

What Credit Saint is unable to assist with?

It is essential to understand that no credit repair company can guarantee a specific score increase or removal of negative entries.

Regardless of their success record, there are rules and regulations that businesses must follow!

This includes the fact that creditors are not required to erase correct information from your credit report; we highly urge you to avoid any company that makes such claims.

How long does it take Credit Saint to repair credit?

Credit Saint utilizes a 45-day repair cycle, and the majority of consumers report progress within the first one.

However, you should be aware that the dispute resolution procedure frequently involves lengthy back-and-forth correspondence.

During this procedure, you may be required to provide further paperwork and send additional complaints.

As long as you remain a subscriber to Credit Saint’s services, you should continue to notice improvement, but they will notify you when they believe they have done everything they can.

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