Best Credit Repair Companies

Best Credit Repair Companies

Credit Repair:

Before discussing the Best Credit Repair Companies let’s look at Credit Repair. These days in this increasingly digital age there are several good reasons why you might want to go to the trouble of maintaining or improving your credit score. Let’s face it, if you are planning on going anywhere near a mortgage or home loan, getting a car loan, or even applying for a credit card, having a decent credit score is going to have a positive impact on these applications.  So even if your credit score is relatively good, you may want to consider working with a credit repair company. There is no point in keeping a credit score high if you have no way of paying your monthly bills.

Best Credit Repair Companies
Best Credit Repair Companies 3

It makes sense then to focus on the best credit repair companies that are available today. That is why in this post, we will highlight several credit repair companies that you should look at if you want to improve your credit score. For those of you that are considering using a credit repair company, here are my top picks in the industry.

List of 10 Best Credit Repair Companies 

Let’s begin with the following list: 

1.      Consumer Credit Reporting Experts

Consumer Credit Reporting Experts is the type of company that has been around for a long time but has somehow managed to stay out of the news. As a bonus, they are well known in the industry and have a very strong pedigree of having helped numerous clients improve their credit scores in the past. In addition to the usual credit repair services, they offer several additional services to clients like dispute resolution and debt management.

Consumers with low credit scores that want to repair their credit score should be on the lookout for this company as it has the experience and the expertise to help them do just that. They also provide a 100% money-back guarantee for their services. Consumer Credit Reporting Experts has gained high praise and recognition in the industry for its unique solutions for individuals with low credit scores. The company offers both credit repair and debt management services which address any issue that might be holding a client’s credit score back.

2.      Credit Karma

Credit Karma is one of the most well-known credit repair companies out there. The service has been around for quite some time and can be accessed from some mobile devices. Credit Karma allows you to connect your credit card details to the service and provides you with a free credit report that contains your credit score, the total number of accounts, and derogatory information.

You can then view your credit score on your computer, or mobile device, to see what score you are currently holding. Credit Karma is perhaps best known for its excellent customer service. If you have a question or problem, you can either connect directly with an expert at Credit Karma or talk to an agent. They provide 24/7 support and do their best to help their customers manage and fix their credit issues.

3.      Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame is probably the oldest credit repair company available today. They have been around for quite some time and have built up a great reputation over the years. With many years of experience and knowledge of the credit industry, they have made a name for themselves as a credible credit repair company.

The service has grown a lot since it was originally launched and now offers an array of services to its clients. They can help you to improve your credit by helping you to rebuild your credit score and even to obtain a no-credit report online tool that helps you improve your credit history without a credit report. The service also offers many different ways to rebuild your credit scores.

4.      Credit Star

This company was founded in 2013, and it is very different from any other credit repair company on the market. Credit Star has a model that involves you paying for membership for a month or two before you’re able to work with their company to restore your credit score. You can expect to pay around USD 119 for membership to the Credit Star platform. The company will then contact you and provide you with free tools to help you repair your credit score.

If you decide that your credit repair is not going to be completed within a month, Credit Star will waive the remainder of your membership fee. When the credit repair is completed within the next 30 days, you will only have to pay USD 100. If you fail to pay your membership fee within 30 days, you will not be able to participate in the Credit Star platform.

Instead of using outdated practices such as cold calling, Credit Star takes a different approach to help you improve your credit score. That is because it does not offer you tools or services that can be used for marketing purposes. Instead, it focuses on customer service, to address the issue at hand. As far as the company’s strategy goes, here is what they say about their model:

“Credit Star prides itself on honesty and transparency. We are completely 100% focused on helping your credit profile. Our goal is to restore credit, not just look at it, to ensure that you are getting the most possible benefits. We offer the only 100% free credit repair service in existence, and this frees you from paying an unnecessary fee to companies that merely check your credit without doing any work.”

If you want to work with a credit repair company that won’t go to any lengths to get your money, then you should consider the Credit Star platform.

5.      Lender Up

Lender Up is different from most of the other credit repair companies on the market today. Rather than just providing you with tools to help you improve your credit score, they become a part of the improvement process. That is because they work with you on the front end to help repair your credit score, to give you better access to credit and higher loan approvals. If you’re a consumer, and you’ve been denied credit, you can go through a 5-step process to improve your credit score. 

Lender Up will first look at your credit report and credit score to get a better idea of where you are. Once you’re able to agree on where you are, they will use some of their techniques to begin the repair process. In terms of your actual credit score improvement, Lender Up will ask you a series of questions and then employ one of their in-house credit repair experts to assess you before a final plan is created and approved. 

Once a plan is approved, you can get your credit score free of charge, so you can track your progress. If you’re interested in working with Lender Up to improve your credit score, you can check out the details of the 5-step process and the program they offer.

6.      One Credit Repair Software

One of the most popular tools on the market today is the Credit Repair Software tool which allows users to visit their credit score instantly. You can go to and do exactly that, and then see a real-time picture of where your credit score stands about your score as it stood at the time. What makes this tool so great is that it helps you quickly identify where you need to make improvements, and then allows you to make those improvements to your credit score. By simply visiting the site, you can find out exactly what needs to be done to improve your credit score, right from the start. 

The One Credit Repair Software is very easy to use, and it offers a plethora of features. So, you can be sure that your credit repair journey will be a fruitful one. One important aspect of Credit Repair Software is that it allows you to instantly see where your score stands about the rest of the market. That is not something you can do with other tools, but you can use this one if you need to quickly compare your score to those of your competitors.

7.      Allstar Credit Repair

Allstar Credit Repair is an established credit repair company with an established track record of helping thousands of individuals rebuild their credit over the years. It aims to give its clients the most effective techniques for improving their credit scores as well as giving them the best long-term results.

It also has the best customer service of any company in the industry, ensuring that it can always be of assistance to their clients 24/7. The company can help with several different credit repair issues, including:

  • Debt settlement
  • Home foreclosure prevention
  • Refinancing your mortgage
  • Credit repair

Credit repair is a highly recommended service by the company and as such their most popular services are the Credit Repair packages that they offer to their clients.

8.      Credit Doctor

Credit Doctors are an established name in the industry and have years of experience helping individuals to repair their credit history and boost their credit scores. The company has also become a leader in the field of credit repair and was listed in the ‘Top 10 Credit Repair Companies to Work With’ by Clarity Money.

Credit Doctor can give clients the best possible chance to improve their credit score quickly and easily, providing clients with the information and insight they need to improve their credit score by 15% or more within two weeks. The company can also assist with:

  • Credit repair
  • Debt collection
  • Lowering your interest rate
  • Refinancing your loan

9.      Craft Credit

The Craft Credit score is a hassle-free way for any investor to improve their credit score quickly. It is a unique credit score model that does not require any tracking of your spending or track record to have a reasonable chance of detecting your improvement. Craft Credit’s average FICO score increased by 23.3 points in just the first 90 days of working with the credit repair company. Craft Credit’s Credit Repair and Improvement services are available for $595 a month for 12 months or $945 a month for 18 months. 

What is even more important is that Craft Credit does not charge any fees, credit report fees, or other expenses that are often part and parcel of credit repair companies. You can also purchase discounted credits for $39 per month for the next 30 days. This gives you a strong starting position to put down a positive payment for the next 30 days. If you cancel before the end of the 30 days, Craft Credit does not charge any fees or credit report fees.

10. Enrolled in the Debt Management Program with LendingTree

Another great company that I want to highlight is LendingTree’s Debt Management Program. The program has helped more than 6 million Americans improve their credit scores through debt consolidation, payment planning, and debt settlement. With the Debt Management Program, customers make on average 5 payment plans to pay down their credit card debt without interest charges. This is one of the more profitable business models for credit repair companies because it is hard for many people to come up with that kind of cash. This is why it is such a profitable business model.

Once you join the Debt Management Program, LendingTree automatically monitors your payments and sends you a notification if you’re not making your payments. You can then decide on how to handle it. If you decide to cancel the program, you can always pay a monthly $10 cancellation fee. If you don’t cancel, the $10 monthly fee will continue to cover your payments.

Wrapping Up!

These are my top 10 credit repair companies and you should check them out for yourself. The companies listed above offer a variety of credit repair services and they also work on a variety of other credit repair options. All these companies have specialties in different areas of credit repair. If you are in the market for credit repair services, you should also check out some of the many other great credit repair options that are available.

Once you choose a company, it is important to research and understand its entire history of business, client reviews and licenses, reputation, compliance history, training, customer service, financing, and other issues. Make sure that you are comfortable with any company that you decide to hire and that you are using the most ethically.

In the end, it is always important to research your choices thoroughly before you hire them and start making payments to them. You want to ensure that you are doing everything in your power to make sure that they are good for you.

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